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VNDIRECT: Successful development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution.

Hoạt động VNDirect 12/05/2011    519

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On May 12, 2011, VNDIRECT Security Corporation and Microsoft Vietnam Corporation officially announced the successful development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution package to support corporations in financial management, customer relation and suppliers. These solutions allow corporation to save time, money and maximize benefits from investing in technology to boost business productivity.

The most prominent benefit of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to enhance productivity; rationalize business processes to achieve better results; improve accuracy and punctual in decision making; create more contracts while make sure of information security.

Working in service industry, VNDIRECT realizes that to satisfy demands of more than 35.000 customers requires a flexible and friendly system to support. After months of researching and finding, VNDIRECT decided to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet company’s requirements.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Giang, Director of VNDIRECT, said: “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has proven its friendly use, flexibility and convenience. After a short time of studying and getting familiar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, VNDIRECT employees have mastered their skills in using CRM system, and professionally handled all requirements of customers. At this moment, although using only 10% CRM ability, VNDIRECT can access to reports, transaction related information at the faster rate. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the ability to access to each customer in order to provide appropriate information of VNDIRECT becomes more effectively and it is an advantage we have to compete with other competitors.”

Mr Malcolm De Silva, Director of Microsoft Vietnam, shared with us: “Corporation management solutions in Microsoft Dynamics always work in the same way as other recent technology solutions that customers are using, thus, it is easy to collaborate with the current system of corporations. This component brings to customer the ability to utilize the best from investments in technology. Therefore, customers can ignore the worries about capitals has been invested and on top of that, is the system compatibility.




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