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TOP-UP Investment cooperation

TOP-UP is a form of cooperation on securities investment loans, in which the capital supporters provide capital to other individual investors to top-up margin ratio and the profit possible from the interest of the loan or other profit-sharing ratios.
This product is connected and managed by iVND.


This is a safe form of capital investment because the stocks that need Top-up margin ratio are all in the portfolio of Blue chips stock of the market.

The loan is managed and monitored independently by iVND to ensure account processing and debt recovery under all conditions in the market.

Return on investment is not affected by stock price movements

Easy to Join

  • Investors can participate with flexible capital, depending on ability.
  • Register for the service please contact here.
  • Flexible investment term.

Customers who want to learn about TOP-UP investment cooperation, please contact DCASH department here.
Besides, for advice and detailed instructions, customers can perform the following options:

  • Option 1: Register to participate in the DCASH service package for guidance and share stable and profitable investment opportunities.
  • Option 2: Customers can contact Customer Service Center at 1900545409 for further instructions
  • Option 3: Customers can access iVND to open an account and register for the service.
  • Option 4: Customers can go to the office and branches, transaction offices of VNDIRECT nationwide. (Please see HERE)


If you need support for consulting with appropriate service packages, please contact VNDIRECT via the Call Center at 1900545409 or by email to
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