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Vision – Mission – Core values


Building VNDIRECT to become a standard and dependable investment financial institution, bringing value for professionals, clients, partners and communities in the areas of Financial health – Secured wealth – Sustainable development.


Serving Financial health, Secured wealth, and Accessibility to a comprehensive, dependable, and extremely simple investment ecosystem.


Conduct of Integrity

The initial core value of every VNDIRECTOR​

Integrity & commitment to respect the detached truth helps VNDIRECT build our service credibility and sustainable values for a collective of job-loving people

Collective Wisdom

Commit with investor serving mission to help our customers protect the financial health and have peace of mind during their lifetime investment.

Collaboration of Services

Respect every customer’s distinct needs, always listen to each’s demand and provide optimum solutions to our customers

Connection of Values

Sharing and Contributing experiences and professional knowledge to create a river of collective wisdom


Power of Observation – Respect the truth (Insight)

Vision, mission, and core values are the intrinsic strength of each VNDIRECTOR person. We train our ability to contemplate the truth deeply at the present moment to gain more insight and love. We value every opportunity to live, work, and serve our customers together. Our success is the success of our customers.

Power of Learning – Passion for Improvement (Passion)

Passion for a career has given us the ability to innovate constantly to improve the products and services for customers. We deeply understand the meaning of our service and that passion is the fire that illuminates each of us to help us overcome all challenges of the market and we are always in agreement accompanying investors.

Power of Execution – Positive Mind (Action)

The ability to act as a team to work towards the best values for our customers is our work ethic. For us, every customer is the most important person and we appreciate every opportunity and trust the customer has brought. We act for the sustainable benefit of the market, our customers, our shareholders, and each member of VNDIRECT.

Power of Concentration – Truthfully Companion (Mindfulness)

Practice living and mindfulness in every moment of the present moment is aimed at protecting the peace of mind of each customer. We understand that every value of our success in the future is made from the present moment. Therefore, we always uphold the value system we have built and listened to understand each customer’s financial dreams so that we can provide the best solution for them.