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Securities brokerage service

SECURITIES BROKERAGE SERVICES (Broker account) is designed for clients who wish to seek investment opportunities in stock trading, and have no trading experience and time conditions to actively follow the market. To effectively invest in securities and minimize the risks of market fluctuations, Brokerage Service is an optimal choice provided that the investors have to be very careful in choosing suitable brokers who can understand the risk appetite and investment conditions of clients, and establish effective and sustainable advisory relationships.


(1) Clients can contact SSE Consulting Center for advice on selecting brokers in VNDIRECT’s team of more than 600 brokerage experts with market experience from North to South. In the process of using the service, clients have the right to change to find the most suitable advisor, which is a prerequisite for successful investment in securities.

(2) A broker is a person who directly advises and manages clients’ securities trading accounts and is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Consult on making an investment plan and selecting investment strategies for trading securities
  • Advice on selecting investment stocks and trading time
  • Assist clients to gain access to new IPO investment opportunities
  • Assisting clients to manage risks in market conditions
  • Support in processing service and account information
  • Support in consulting information to analyze and evaluate investment opportunities

(3) Clients can actively place orders on online multi-channel platform or through Brokers. The trust to place orders needs to be registered directly by the client via the hotline 1900545409.

(4) Clients should contact SSE Consulting Center to design and install digital platforms, which helps them timely receive investment recommendations, risk warnings, and new investment opportunities from VNDIRECT:

  Online trading platform and Personal account management:

  • Management of trading accounts at VNDIRECT My VND Account. Access to iVND
  • Management of relations and interactions connected with VNDIRECT – DLINK.
  • Trading portal of types of financial trading assets– DGATE.

Information Platform & Investment Knowledge STOCKBOOK thematic investment communities and investment advisors about the types of assets that clients interest in.


Register for the service at iVND or contact the hotline of Call Center: 1900 54 54 09