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Instructions & Forms


Instructions for payment

Investors have 3 ways to deposit money into VNDIRECT’s securities account:

  • Pay money at VNDIRECT’S headquarters and branches
  • Pay money online via bank
  • Deposit money from other banks into the account at VNDIRECT

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Instructions for withdrawing money, transferring money from a trading account at VNDIRECT

To withdraw, transfer money from VNDIRECT trading account to bank account or reciprocal account at VNDIRECT, you can do the following:

  • Making money withdrawal, money transfer at the trading floor
  • Making money withdrawal, transferring money online via the Price List
  • Make money transfer via Mobile App
  • Transfer money to the call center 1900545409

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Guidance for trading underlying securities

Investors can trade underlying securities at VNDIRECT on both Mobile app and web browser

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Guidance for trading underlying derivative securities

Investors can trade derivative securities at VNDIRECT on both Mobile app and web browser

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  • Request for changes to product and service policies. Detail
  • Request to change information and Services. Detail
  • • Account Management Brokerage Application Form and Order Authorization.

Sign up for Brokerage Account Management

Notice of termination of Brokerage Management Services

Authorization document for placing trading orders

Notice of Authorization termination

  • Custody notes

Depository deposit card (No adjustment of information)

Depository deposit card (with information adjusted)

  • Contract for an odd-lot transaction

Contract of odd-lot transaction

  • Contract for opening contract

Contract for opening accounts

Contract for opening a Margin trading account

Application for authentication of signatures in the ward

Authorized contract form