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About Us

We wish to build and develop VNDIRECT into a trusted financial institution providing transparent and reliable investment products which is supported by a team of integrity and professionalism as well as a multi-utility technology platform for all types of customers. With that goal, VNDIRECT will become the place of collective wisdom, stimulate capital flows among people & create opportunities for anyone to be an integral part contributing to a dream of a greater Vietnam Market.

Our vision to build VNDIRECT to become a standard and dependable investment financial institution, bringing value for professionals, clients, partners and communities in the areas of Financial health – Secured wealth – Sustainable development.

In just over a century, the introduction of the stock market has created an investment and capital mobilization channels contributing to the economic development across the country. Along with the success of many individuals and large financial institutions, investment services have been designed exclusively for those with high income, and hence, creating dependence of the stock market on a small group of investors. This has profoundly influenced the sustainable development of the global economy.

However, the perception that the investment is only for the rich today has gradually changed. A new world has opened to all of us. Technology revolutions, artificial intelligence, big data …, all these have grown rapidly to better serve human life. At VNDIRECT, we have had the opportunity to rearrange the way we organize our services and make our investment simple, and everyone has equal access to investment opportunities.

Our mission to serve Financial health, Secured wealth, and Accessibility to a comprehensive, dependable, and extremely simple investment ecosystem.

IN VNDIRECT, we have built a foundation of investment information and knowledge, supporting tools, specialized services and a diversified portfolio of investment products along with a team of experienced consultants.

 We always keep in mind that we are working as “financial doctors” to assist customers to solve their own problems. Therefore, following the criterion of “Understanding and Accompanying”, each VNIRECTOR designs the entire the journey and help customers approach investment as an essential life skill in a safe investment environment. Customers has direction and proper choices for every step on their investment journey.

VNDIRECT – A community of professionals with high service spirit

With IPAM qualities (Insights – Passion – Action – Mindfulness), we have built the strength of a group of professional people with deep understanding of the company’s vision and mission. Every staff should possess power of observation & respect the truth (INSIGHTS), power of learning & dedication for improvement (PASSION), power of execution & positive mind (ACTION), and the power of concentration and truthfully companion (MINDFULNESS).

Since its early establishment, VNDIRECT has experienced many ups and downs, and even from the challenges of bankruptcy risk to outstanding success. In any case, we have been constantly devoted to serving the healthy development for Vietnam’s stock market, for the customers’ peace of mind when using our services, and for the development of each member in the Company. The presence of every person at VNDIRECT over the past time has made VNDIRECT today. Our team continues to follow the path of serving Customers, Shareholders, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s economy and financial system.