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VNDIRECT – Bring investment knowledge to all Vietnamese people

In just over a century, the introduction of the stock market created a channel of investment and capital mobilization for the thriving economies across the country. Along with the success of so many individuals and major financial institutions, investment services that are designed only for people with money and the dependence of the stock market on a small group of large investors have profoundly influenced the sustainable development structure of a global economy.

However, the perception that the investment world is only for the rich today has gradually changed. A new world has opened to all of us. Technology revolutions, artificial intelligence, big data, and …, all these have grown rapidly to better serve human life. At VNDIRECT, we have had the opportunity to rearrange the way we organize our services and make our investment simple, and everyone has equal access to investment opportunities.

As life changes unpredictably and is riskier in the working age, the stable demands of human life last much longer throughout retirement, and the independence of intergenerational life makes the financial burden of old age a problem that every one of us will care about. Therefore, the financial investment is no longer an option but an essential life skill.

Bring investment knowledge to all Vietnamese people – That is the new mission of VNDIRECT – The mission helps customers to establish financial health and peace of mind in investing. This path has motivated us to change our service organization to gain trust from customers by creating companionship. This will help them have a variety of investment options and suit all personal financial needs.

VNDIRECT – A reliable companion

  • Establish your financial plan, financial goals, and lifelong investment journey.
  • Protect the assets and financial health of yourself and your family under any condition in the market conditions, and change in the path of life.
  • Choose the method to VNDIRECT as your Guardian of management for assets or an Investment Consultant or a Trustee and Asset Management.

VNDIRECT – Value system towards sustainable benefits for customers

We who are the qualified people IPAM (Insights – Passion – Action – Mindfulness) has built the strength of a collective of professionals, can deeply understand the vision, have the mission and value system of the company (INSIGHTS), can create creative power from career passion (PASSION), can act with a collective of knowledge with diverse experiences (ACTION), and can remain stable under all conditions in the market (MINDFULNESS).

Since its early establishment, VNDIRECT has experienced many ups and downs, and even from the challenges of bankruptcy risk to outstanding success. In any case, we are constantly devoted to serving the healthy development for Vietnam’s stock market, for the peace of mind to use the services of each customer at VNDIRECT, and for the maturity of each member of the Company. We have also contributed to the market of these successful entrepreneurs, managers, and professional teams in almost all securities companies, and other financial institutions. The presence of every person at VNDIRECT over the past time has made VNDIRECT today. Our team continues to follow the path of serving Customers, Shareholders, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s economy and finance.