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DSA Account service

DSecurity Account is a securities trading service package for clients who need to keep transaction information secure and do not need to support placing orders.


(1) Online trading platform and Personal account management:
• Management of trading accounts at VNDIRECT My VND Account. Access to iVND
• Management of relationship and interaction with VNDIRECT – DLINK.
• Transaction portal of types of financial transactions assets – DGATE.
(2) Information Platform & Investment Knowledge STOCKBOOK thematic investment communities and investment advisors about the types of assets that clients are interested in.
• Connect the investment community D-COMMUNITY
• Connect the businesses and the community of shareholders, CIP stock information CIP (Corporate investor page)
• Search for experts – PRO-SEARCH
Clients who want to know more information, please visit HERE

(3) Clients have access to securities investment DSTOCK ADVISORY, including:
• Daily market update report. Sign up here
• Price list and online trading platform
• DStock Rating: Stock filters and scoring
• Reports on securities investment analysis
• Selecting stocks to invest under short and medium-term strategies
• Portfolio of investment recommendations under various strategies


Please register for service via iVND or contact the Call Center at 1900 54 54 09