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VNDAF fund certificate


VNDAF Investment Fund is a place to accumulate long-term assets, providing assurance for customers thanks to a combination of knowledge, discipline and long-term investment vision. Investors will have a preponderant income compared to other financial investment channels in terms of long time and level of risk is controlled by the investment management capacity of management experts of the IPAAM Fund Management Company under VNDIRECT Securities Joint Stock Company. Our mission is to accompany investors so that they can get financial health and feel assured for the future investment


  • Professional management, prestige and toward long-term sustainable growth value
  • Outstanding income with a low level of investment risk through diversification of portfolio and discipline of selection for stocks of leading enterprises, with sustainable operating background and high growth potential
  • Be consistent with the form of periodic savings and investment or long-term assets investment for a future goal

SMALL AMOUNT FOR JOINING: Only from VND 1,000,000 or more
GUARANTEED LIQUIDITY: Fund management company guarantees the acquisition of fund certificates at the request of investors
CONTRIBUTION OF INVESTMENT CAPITAL UNDER A STRATEGY: Investors contribute capital to a common account for investment with the purpose of making future profits under the predetermined strategy

  • VNDAF Fund is an investment fund certificate (VND Asset Fund), investing in stocks, which is suitable for long-term assets investment strategy and has proven to be effective in a long time.
  • There is no limit on the amount and duration of investment.
  • Small investment of only VND 1 million, it is possible to invest in stocks in VN30 portfolio.
  • Investors can resell fund certificates according to weekly fixed net asset value and transaction at any time.
  • Level of investment risk is lower than that of stock investment because of the diversity of asset allocation of portfolio, to ensure that the impact of price changes of some stocks on the portfolio is controlled at an acceptable level.
  • Investors can make investments from iVND online trading system or transfer transaction money from any Bank branch in VNDIRECT’s BANKGATE system connected to top 9 banks
  • RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT PERIOD is at least 8 years in order to have benefits from economic growth cycle and minimize short-term change risks of the stock market.
  • The expected level of profits in long-term cycle is from 12 to 18%.
  • For customers who choose VNDAF Fund Certificates in the form of short-term trading of index changes, it is necessary to have discipline of stop loss and profit taking in accordance with risk management of transaction form to avoid capital loss.
Limit risks Diversified investment portfolio helps investors reduce risks and share risks with other investors Small investment scale, it is difficult to invest in diversified stocks, difficult to disperse risks
Professionally managed Managed by a professional investment manager, with advantages in information, research, analysis & investment experience Self-management. Investors must analyze and select stocks for investment by themselves
Reduce transaction costs Due to large transaction volume, transaction costs will decrease Transaction in small volume without advantage in transaction fees
Flexibility and liquidity Allow investors to decide the time of investment, and can withdraw money at any time For term deposit, the premature withdrawal will affect the interest rate which is already earned


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Minimum purchase value Minimum VND 1,000,000
Minimum sales quantity Not available
Transaction date Every Thursday (Day T)
Time of receiving last order at the distribution agent 10:30 am day T-1
Bank account – Account name: VND ACTIVE INVESTMENT FUND

– Account number:

– Bank: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) – Ha Thanh Branch

– Content: [Investor’s name] [Account number of open CCQ] buying VNDAF


Total amount registered to buy Buying fees on total amount registered to buy
From 1 million to 10 billion 1,00%
From over 10 billion 0,75%
Time of investment Selling fees on total selling value
Less than 3 months 1,00%
From 3 months – 1 year 0,75%
From 1-2 years 0,50%
From 2 years or more 0%


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Investors log in their security accounts and place orders on the price list of Online Fund Certificates
Or see detailed instructions on support page of VNDIRECT HERE
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Investors fill in BUYING / SELLING ORDER and submit at the floor Protection Status