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Wishing to become a reliable and solid companion of clients in the investment journey of financial health protection, VNDIRECT understands what clients care about and wants to protect, thereby closely and comprehensively cooperating with reputable partners in insurance to provide maximum protection solutions for clients and their assets.


Easily join with a variety of products, suitable for your needs and financial plan.

Reputable partners in the domestic and international markets, ensuring safety and reliability.

Not only insurance but Clients are also provided with comprehensive information about asset management to optimize allocation and effective management of funds.


Life insurance Personal insurance Property insurance
Confident to protect the family despite the unfortunate event, Life Insurance provides a lifetime financial guarantee, so that your family always has the opportunity to enjoy a happy life and security to implement the plan of life. Caring for and protecting the health of each individual in the family is a basic need of each person. Personal insurance provides protection in everyday activities as well as travel, preventing any potential risks. Understanding all the worries of clients, Property insurance is an effective assistant for clients, so that clients always feel secure with the assets they have created, devoting time, and mind to important financial investments.

Life insurance

Life Insurance ensures financial stability, with 2 types of Universal Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance, you are fully confident in implementing cherished education plans for your children or retirement plan for yourself.

Universal Life Insurance Critical Illness Insurance
General Financial security at each stage of the Client’s life, combining protection benefits with savings benefits to provide a comprehensive protection product. Integrating the protection of clients in the event of serious illnesses and helping them invest in the universal life fund at the same time, providing clients with safe and stable profits.
Age involved 30 days old – 65 years old 30 days old – 55 years old
Insurance amount Minimum: … .. million
Maximum: … .. billion
Minimum: 50 million
Maximum: 4 billion
Fee Minimum: … .. million/year Minimum: 6 million/year
Superior benefits – Financial protection for the lifetime
– Accumulating safety and efficiency
– Contract maintenance bonus and Companion bonus
– Financial security during critical illness
– Flexible financial savings
– Rewards for the completion of fee payment
Comprehensive protection with additional products – Additional insurance – Comprehensive critical illness
– Additional insurance – Comprehensive accident
– Additional insurance – Assistance with fee payment
– Additional insurance – Hospital fee assistance
– Additional insurance – Comprehensive accident
– Additional insurance – Assistance with fee payment
Reason for choosing – Instead of you to take care of your family when unexpected events occur
– Replace the monthly income to help cover the life of the family
– Help your child to continue the learning journey with confidence
– Support for the repayment of loans, medical bills of the family
– A safe and comprehensive retirement plan
– Necessary support for yourself if you have a fatal illness
– Protect up to 42 critical diseases, including 2nd or 3rd infections
– A savings account with stable and safe interest for the family

Personal insurance

Caring for and protecting people in every aspect of life, Personal insurance is the optimal choice for every individual who needs protection. A wide range of insurance products which is suitable for each time or need, each individual as well as family is guaranteed maximum benefits with reasonable costs.

Critical Illness Insurance Health care insurance Travel insurance
General Critical illness is becoming more and more popular and is a major problem of society. Critical Illness Insurance provides timely financial resources for the Client, supports the cost of treatment, and ensures the financial plan for the whole family. Health is the greatest and most valuable asset of every person, including children or adults. Health care is an essential need of every individual and family to create a safe and high quality life. Whether traveling in the country or abroad, the safety of each trip is always an indispensable factor. Travel insurance helps you to freely explore the world with your family and friends in absolute security.
Age involved 1 – 60 years old 16 – 65 years old 6 weeks old – 80 years old
Fee Minimum reasonable fee: 140,000 VND/year Reasonable fee
Payment for benefits Maximum: VND 330 million/person/year Maximum: VND 50 million Maximum: up to 70,000 USD/EUR
Superior benefits – Pay 100% of the sum insured when suffering from serious illness
– Age of participation is wide
Payment of insurance for the risks of accident, hospitalization, and surgery depending on the insurance condition selected by the Client Payment for Medical Assistance, Accidental Assistance, Travel Assistance for the risks occurring during the trip depending on the Insurance package selected by the Client
Reason for choosing – Comprehensive protection measures against the risk of serious diseases
– High protection benefits with reasonable costs
– Optimal protection benefits for the risk of Death / Injury due to accident
– Security facing the risk of an accident or disease
– Meet the diverse needs of protection in each trip
– Fast and urgent, comprehensive and maximum protection

Property insurance

TUnderstanding all the worries from clients, Property insurance is an effective assistant for clients, so they always feel secure with the assets they have created, devoting time and mind to important financial investment activities.

Motor vehicle protection Protection of technical assets
General Motor vehicles are an important asset for every Vietnamese. When participating in traffic, there are always hidden risks which are difficult to control. Motor vehicle insurance helps the automobile owner to cover the loss of life and the car if unfortunately at risk. Comprehensive protection of the assets of the Enterprise as well as Individuals against fire and explosion risks.
Reason for choosing – Security in traffic
– High benefit, reasonable fee
Products are diverse to meet the needs of flexible protection


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