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Life-long Assets

Life-long AssetsLife-long Assets are a form of investment in assets to ensure lifetime financial health. Property in the assets group which are those with safety factors, and unsurpassed sustainable growth for more than 10 years selected based on the principle of basic value investment. Assets include the portfolios of government bonds and corporate bonds and the portfolio of leading stocks with the potential for outstanding growth and long-term sustainability. Investors can invest to accumulate assets through the form of periodic or one-time investment savings.

Expected profit of this type of investment: 10-15% / year


Periodic investment savings

: Periodic investment program from VND Active Investment Fund

: Savings investment in a value stock

Stock portfolio

: Value investment

: Portfolio of investment recommendations under many different strategies

Open-end Fund Certificate

: Accumulated long-term assets


Clients who need to build a portfolio of highly liquid assets please contact via the SSE Consulting Center at 1900 54 54 09 or your Account Manager of VNDIRECT.
Please contact the Headquarters and the branches, transaction offices of VNDIRECT nationwide. (Please see HERE) Protection Status