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Index futures contract

Derivative securities are financial instruments whose value depends on the price of an underlying asset.
Derivative securities govern the rights and/or obligations of contracting parties to the payment and / or transfer of underlying assets at a price pre-agreed upon in advance in a future time. (Refer to the knowledge about Derivative securities)


Derivative contracts provide clients with tools to hedge risks and speculate securities on the index portfolio in which customers can choose to trade for two purposes:

  • Purpose of hedging risks in equity investment: is a method of neutralizing price movements between the holding shares of underlying assets and also derivative securities. (Hedging portfolio). The effective use of derivative securities will minimize the risk in the portfolio.
  • Purpose of Index speculation: is the trading opportunity based on the fluctuation of up or down of price index. The derivative contract allows customers to have high leverage and pay TO without waiting for T + 2 payments like underlying transactions, and customers can take advantage of leverage to maximize profits under favorable market conditions. This type of business is high risk.


Derivative transactions are a type of high-risk transaction. At VNDIRECT, to help clients practice and accumulate trading experience so that customers can learn and practice trading on the PROTRADE Trial platform before experiencing real trading. This is a virtualized trading platform based on real market price fluctuations.
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