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SSS – SINGLE STOCK SAVING is a form of saving investment in stocks, replacing traditional savings as money, gold, or foreign currencies. Investors save a monthly amount to accumulate a value stock. SSS helps Investors to choose stocks to invest, have a peace of mind of holding them in the long term, and establish monthly investment discipline.


  • ACCUMULATION PEACE OF MIND: can choose stocks with sustainable value and long-term potential
  • GUARANTEE OF INVESTMENT DISCIPLINE: The system supports the notification of calendar reminders and helps investors improve investment discipline
  • 100% TRANSPARENT FLEXIBLE CAPITAL: The savings amount is flexible and suitable for all investors, the information is 100% transparent
  • FREE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Only need to pay a share transaction fee of 0.15% / trasaction value and do not lose any other costs


Form of investment SSS is a form where investors save a monthly amount of money to buy and accumulate a value stock
Frequency of saving investment Investor deposits money into SSS account monthly
Period of investment Keeping for at least 3 years – 5 years or longer

Withdrawal before the maturity date

You can withdraw money at any time before the maturity date or can mortgage to draw capital down for short-term needs that you have not prepared yet
Amount accumulated monthly to invest Minimum: 1 million
Investment stocks Customers can select 01 stock from VNDIRECT’s recommended list D-Stock or any stock that they know and have the confidence to accumulate.

VNDIRECT recommends a list of 10 stocks suitable to accumulate assets in the VN30 portfolio


Step 1: Create an account
Investors register according to the form Register SSS
Step 2: Trade Online on the platform DBOARD (similar to ordinary stock transactions)
(See instructions for trading on the DBOARD Platform here)