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Margin Products

VNDIRECT offers clients Margin products on a professional trading platform and a specialized fee policy suitable for different target clients, including:





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Trading products for professional traders who want to take advantage of leverage to optimize profits quickly with the lowest interest rate from 0% – People who have experience in managing risk in securities trading comply with discipline and trading principles.
– People who are professional stock traders adapt quickly to the market.
– People who need quick, continuous transactions, short-term transactions with low-interest rates.

Advance of sale proceeds

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Products receive money immediately upon matching the selling order without waiting for the sale money in accordance with 16h30 days T + 2 DThe service applies to all Stock Investors

DF: Borrow securities investment capital

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An advisory service package that arranges stock investment capital specifically designed for the needs of investors. Products for market makers, major investors

D-RTT: Withdraw purchasing power

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Products are designed to support capital, mortgage loans based on the collateral of clients’ securities assets (bonds, stocks …). It serves diverse and flexible needs of clients For all clients who have the power to buy accounts by stocks or bonds

D-Margin: Margin trading

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The product is designed to provide financial support for securities investment loans, where collaterals are stocks on the margin trading list of the SSC. For investors who have experience in the stock market, know about risk management in investment and Margin products