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T10 is a trading product for professional traders who want to take advantage of leverage to quickly maximize profits with the lowest interest rate from 0%.


– Clients who have experience in risk management in securities trading: comply with discipline and trading principles.

– Clients who are professional securities traders and can quickly adapt to the market.

– Clients have a demand for fast, continuous transactions, and short-term transactions with low-interest rates.


– Interest-free for the first 10 days. 11th onwards, the interest rate will be 0.0407% /day, suitable for quick trading strategies

– The automatic interest-free system ensures accuracy, no need to wait for the difference calculation to be refunded

– Loan term: 90 days

– Loan ratio by code: Maximum 50%

With T10, you can choose the interest rate that is suitable for the number of days using the debt in the illustration table of interest rate recommendations as bellow or you can actively design the interest rate to suit your transaction needs. Access here:

Table of interest rate recommendations:

No. of days Debt Interest rate/year Premium has to pay Opportunities for deals
10 days 100,000,000 VND 0% Free 10 days of continuous trading without interest
15 days 100,000,000 VND 203,500 VND – Take advantage of short-term trading opportunities with negligible costs
– Suitable for accumulating stocks with financial leverage in the short-term trend
– Maximize your chances of holding stocks in case
in case the market adjusts to the lowest cost
– Buying and holding stocks on a monthly basis with interest rates much lower than bank loans
20 days 100,000,000 VND 7.43% 407,000 VND
25 days 100,000,000 VND 8.91% 610,500 VND
30 days 100,000,000 VND 9.90% 814,000 VND


– Online: Client register via iVND

–  Offline:

1/ At Headquarters and the branches of VNDIRECT nationwide
2/ Delivery document (authenticated signature)
3/ Through experts Accounts Executive or Brokers. Protection Status