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DPORTFOLIO is a product that provides pre-selected and pre-designed portfolios under criteria. This helps customers to simulate investment accordingly. Many portfolio templates are designed by investment consultants under different strategies and have been validated in a process to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

1. Products in Sample Portfolio

DPORTFOLIO includes 03 categories with different strategic options for different target customers:


Suitable for customers who want peace of mind of holding stocks of businesses with a strong position in the industry and stable growth.


Suitable for customers who want a peace of mind of holding a portfolio of stocks with higher annual dividend yield than savings rates. Not only paying high and stable dividends, but we also selected businesses with a sustainable and long-term competitive advantage. They are those that have established a strong position in the industry. The expected effect of the portfolio is at least equal to the savings interest rate of the bank. Besides, there is still an opportunity to increase stock prices thanks to stable profits.


Suitable for customers who want peace of mind of holding stocks of small and medium-sized businesses with the potential to grow and maintain rapid growth. Selected businesses, their business activities are not spread out, the main business activities have a long-term competitive advantage.

2. Risks from the product

Securities investment is a form of risky investment that requires experienced investors and time to hold onto the market. With the change of technological revolution, global climate change, and the socio-economic restructuring of the 21st century, traditional businesses are facing challenges and unpredictable changes. Therefore, even when the analysis is in the right direction, the stock investment in the short-term still has unpredictable risks and the stock prices fluctuate with supply, demand, and sentiment in the market. This may invest to face the risk of temporary losses. Therefore, the selection of investment stocks always takes a reasonable long time to minimize the risk of short-term fluctuations due to supply and demand, and to allow businesses to express their potential value more clearly
It is not effective for Investors if their portfolio is not fully modeled in accordance with the sample portfolio.

3. Advantages from the product:

  • Customers who register for the product will be consulted by an investment consultant through the consulting room and receive recommendations via iVND, STOCKBOOK.
  • The sample portfolio is reviewed, adjusted, and updated to weekly customers or they will be notified when there is a change in stock options in the portfolio.
  • The investment consultant will send periodic portfolio review reports to customers.
  • When an event has a great impact on the business prospect and the price of the stock in the portfolio, the TVT will send the evaluation report to the customer after 2 days at the latest.

4. Product registration:

Option 1: Customers who have demands, please contact your Account Manager or Investment Advisory Center by email to
Cách 2: Please contact the Headquarters and the Branches and Transaction Offices of VNDIRECT nationwide. (Please see here)