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DAC Account service

DCare Account is an account service package designed for groups of securities investors who do not have the opportunity to follow the market and need an expert to take care of their account services, support for trading and consulting to select suitable securities service products and packages based on investment conditions and market fluctuations.


(1) Client accounts are assigned to a personal care manager who acts as a bridge to help them update market information, investment opportunities, and choose effective investment strategies.
(2) Clients can actively place orders on online multi-channel platforms or call to place orders at 1900545409
(3) Online trading platform and Personal account management:
• Management of trading accounts at VNDIRECT My VND Account. Access to iVND
• Management of relationship and interaction with VNDIRECT – DLINK.
• Transaction portal of types of financial transactions assets – DGATE.

(4) Information Platform & Investment Knowledge STOCKBOOK thematic investment communities and investment advisors about the types of assets that clients are interested in.
• Connect the investment community D-COMMUNITY
• Connect the businesses and the community of shareholders, CIP stock information CIP (Corporate investor page)
• Search for experts – PRO-SEARCH
Clients who want to know more information, please visit HERE
(5) Clients have access to securities investment DSTOCK ADVISORY, including:
• Daily market update report. Sign up here
• Price list and online trading platform
• DStock Rating: Stock filters and scoring
• Reports on securities investment analysis
• Select stocks to invest under short and medium-term strategies
• Portfolio of investment recommendations under various strategies


Register for service via iVND or contact the Call Center at 1900 54 54 09 Protection Status