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Material insurance for cars

Object of insurance:

  • Compulsory insurance premium of motor vehicle owners civil liability
  • Material insurance for cars
  • Insurance for driver’s mate and passengers

Insurance coverage:

Compensation for motor vehicle owners with material damages due to natural disasters, unexpected and unforeseen accidents in the following cases:

  • Crashing, hitting, overturning, falling, sinking or falling of all vehicles, other objects from outside impacting motorized vehicles;
  • Fire, explosion;
  • Force majeure risks such as storms, tsunamis, whirlwinds, hail, floods, flood tide, earthquakes, landslides, lightning;
  • Loss of all cars by theft, robbery, etc.

Insurance premium:

  • Passenger cars without transportation business of up to 9 seats, Pickup vehicles, vans: Fee is only from 1,2% x value of car;
  • Interprovince coaches, interprovince buses: Fee is only 1,8% x value of vehicle
  • Truck: Fee is only from 1,3% x value of vehicle.

Additional common terms:

  • New replacement insurance – Code BS02
  • Insurance of stolen vehicles and stolen parts- Code BS04
  • Insurance for repair facility selection – Code BS05
  • Insurance for engine losses when vehicles operate in flooded areas – Code BS06