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Vietnam Daily Market Recap Mar 15, 2023 – Commentary about Resolution No.33 & Decision 313 & 314

Daily Market Recap 15/03/2023    148


Market commentary: The VN-Index soared as all sectors rallied

The VN-Index jumped 22.1pts to 1,062.2pts as large caps rose drastically. The U.S. CPI rose in line with expectations and bolstered the market betting on a slower rate hike, which resulted in a rally in Wall Street stocks. Correspondingly, the VN-Index jumped to the green territory with a 9.1-pt gap up right after the opening bell. The bullish trend was cemented by the rally of the Security sector in the morning session, with VND and SSI reaching the price ceiling. Other large caps also joined the rally, making the index increase to its intraday high at 1,062.6pts. Materials and Real estate sectors outperformed the market with the gains of notable stocks like DIG, VCG, KBC, HPG, and NKG. Top market movers included BID (+3.9%), HPG (+4.9%), VHM (+2.8%), VIC (+1.9%), and GVR (+6.3%). On the other hand, GAS (-0.6%), VRE (-1.0%), SAB (-0.3%), CAV (-6.2%), and HRC (-6.7%) were the top laggards. At the end of the session, the VN-Index climbed by 2.1% to 1,062.2pts, and the HNX-Index surged by 2.2% to 207.0pts.

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