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Stock filter


Help you find the right stock under diverse criteria and your investment strategy

Create filters easily

Easily select the appropriate filtering criteria to actively create your own filter. It is possible to edit the filtering values of each criterion with a simple operation right on the display value column of the filtering criteria

Diverse filter criteria

The filtering criteria are provided for both basic and technical analysis so that you can combine the filtering criteria to find the right stock that fits your investment strategy.

Filter data right in the session

Filtering criteria related to transactions are updated continuously during the session to help filter results more accurately and help you quickly find stocks with outstanding developments and timely behavior.


Value stocks: Offer stocks that are undervalued compared to the actual value of the Company, but have the potential for future growth.
(Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet are the legendary investors in this school. This group of stocks historically has brought an average profit of 22% per year)

Growth stocks: Filter out stocks on the growth trend that tend to expand business operations quickly and have significant potential for future growth.
(Known as CANSLIM Method of Stock Selection with the school of William O’Neil)

Profitable shares: a group of stocks whose growth rate is not too high but high operating efficiency, profit margin, and profitability on capital are superior and capable of strong growth in the future.
(Average profitability rate of Fidelity Magellan Fund managed by Peter Lynch – one of the two celebrities of this school, managed by 29% in 13 years)




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