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Investment advisory center

With a wide range of products suitable for many investment styles, VNDIRECT Consulting Center is an option for investors who do not have much time to monitor the market, need experienced professionals to support the strategic direction and stock options for the portfolio.


Market bulletin: Provides an overview of the underlying stock market and derivatives, analyzes, and identifies trends that help guide action for investors.

D-PORTFOLIO (Sample portfolio): is a product that provides selected and pre-designed portfolios under criteria to help customers simulate investment. Investment consultants design multiple portfolio templates under different strategies that have been validated in a process to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

D-STOCKPICK For investment ideas: Investment advisors select stocks for their investment strategy based on analysis of fundamental indicators of the business such as sustainable business model, position in the industry, different competitive advantages, strength health and financial health, vision, and management capacity of the management team and forecast the potential for profit growth in the investment cycle. In addition to valuing stocks, we also look for catalysts to find opportunities to increase stock prices during the investment cycle of the stock holding period from 6 months to 12 months.

D-STOCKPICK for transactional ideas: Investment advisors formulate stock selection ideas based on an analysis of market data and stock trading data, including data on price movements, trading volume, technical models, and market trend forecasts, etc. to find stocks with price volatility potential to create short-term profitability.


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