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Insurance for private houses and apartments

Object of insurance:

Building frame with concrete and reinforced structure of the following types of houses used for residential and / or office purposes:

  • Private houses (villas, abutting buildings, residential houses);
  • Apartments;
  • Houses / apartments under beach resort / hotel projects;
  • Collective apartments.

Condition: Houses / apartments not over 30 years.

Insurance interest:

Insured risks:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion;
  • Drop of aircraft and other aviation facilities;
  • Earthquakes, volcanoes;
  • Thunderstorms, storms and floods;
  • Overflow from storage tanks, water pipes;
  • Collision by vehicles or animals;
  • Theft with signs of breaking into suddenly, using force and escaping.

Extended interests according to insurance program:

  • Expenses for public fire station (Limited to 10%/the amount of insurance money/incident);
  • Expenses for scene cleaning (Limited to 10%/the amount of insurance money/incident);
  • Rent (Limited to 5.000.000VND/ incident);
  • Expenses for architect and design (Limited to 10.000.000VND/ incident)

Insurance premium:

Types of house Rate / year
(excluding VAT)
Private houses (except houses of level 4) 0.07%
Private houses of level 4 0.2%
Apartments with automatic fire protection 0.05%
Apartments without automatic fire protection 0.1%
Houses / apartments under beach resort / hotel projects 0.2%
Collective apartments 0.2%
Minimum insurance premium of VND 200,000 (including VAT)