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ETF Monitor – Fubon FTSE ETF: What should we wait for?

Strategy Note 05/04/2021    253


  • Fubon FTSE Vietnam Index ETF, which tracks FTSE Vietnam 30 Index, has finished the IPO phase with a fund size of about VND4,279bn.
  • Fubon FTSE Vietnam Index ETF will buy the underlying shares in the next two weeks to list on Taiwan Stock Exchange on April 19, 2021.

Taiwan-based Fubon FTSE Vietnam Index, which tracks FTSE Vietnam 30 Index, has raised about VND4,279bn since Mar 24th. Fund management aims to scale up to more than VND8,000bn within six months of its listing.
We expect this new ETF fund to start buying the underlying stocks within the next two weeks before listing on Taiwan Stock Exchange on 19th Apr 2021. We estimate that Fubon ‘s top largest constituents will be: VIC (3.9m shares); HPG (8.9m shares), and VHM (4.1m shares). Meanwhile, the top stocks that required the longest trading days will be VGC (7.4 days), SAB (5.3 days), and MSN (4.5 days).

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