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Smart T+

Smart T + is a consulting service that arranges capital from a third party outside VNDIRECT. It is designed for speculators and traders who wish to maximize the margin with minimum interest rates depending on the holding period.

Smart T+ is a specialized application product package in DTRADE service


– Clients who have experience managing risk in securities trading: comply with trading discipline

– Clients who are professional stock traders, able to quickly adapt to the market

– Clients who have demand for quick, continuous transactions with low-interest rates


– Interest-free for the first 6 days. From the 7th day on, the interest rate is 0.0493% / day, in line with fast trading strategies with a high leverage ratio.

– An automatic interest-free system ensures accuracy, no need to wait for the difference calculation to be refunded.

– Can be combined with some specialized products to increase purchasing power

– Diverse loan portfolio

– Lending rate: Maximum 50%

– Loan term: 180 days

Illustrative table of interest rates by day:

The real interest rate paid (% / Year) Loan period Criteria Recommended for effective use
0% 6 days 100% interest rate waiver, making full use of leverage Suitable for the school of investment that cycle continuously transaction and use financial leverage to increase profits
4,5% 8 days Short-term investments – stop-loss and take-profit definitively Suitable for investors who often use short-term financial leverage to take advantage of lightning investment opportunities, take the portfolio in about 1-2 weeks (maximum 3 weeks in case the market is not as expected)
9% 12 days Extend short-term speculation opportunities
12% 18 days Short-term investments on long-term status

Clients need to have experience in risk management and have the discipline of Stop loss to prevent their accounts from falling into the state of compulsory sale. Please carefully read the Call margin process here


Please contact the Department of the package here for more details.

– Online: Client register via iVND

– Offline:

1/ At Headquarters and the branches of VNDIRECT nationwide
2/ Delivery document (authenticated signature)
3/ Through experts Accounts Executive or Brokers Protection Status