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VNDIRECT: The Gift – Happy birthday to VNDIRECT for 5 years

Hoạt động VNDirect 16/11/2011    192

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VND: The Gift Happy birthday to VNDIRECT for 5 years

Dear Customers,

On the occasion of 5th anniversary (07/11/2006-07/11/2011), Company securities would like to organize the gift program.


This program in the chain of events towards the 5 year anniversary of the establishment is currently organized at our branch and corporate offices in across country. In this event, VNDIRECT would be glad to give 1000 meaningful gifts to the customers to share the joy with the company. 

– Time of application:

     15/11/2011 31/12/2011

– Subjects of application:

     Customers first open an account at VNDIRECT and have sucurities trading successfully during the program.

(*) The only one gift per customer. The program can end before the notice period if offered enough gifts to customers in 1000.


– Areas of application:

     At all the branches and transaction offices in across country by VNDIRECT.

Again, we are honor to thank you and hope always to be trusted addresses of customers’ s choice.


Yours faithfully





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