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New VNDIRECT Online services introduction

Hoạt động VNDirect 20/05/2008    416

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Aiming to provide customer with better service, VNDIRECT would like to inform of new services of Vndirect Online System, namely Advanced Payment Online, Order Cancel/Edit Online, Money Transfer Online. Valid Date: 19th May 2008.

Advanced Payment Online

Vndirect Online Advance Payment Service can be used by simple and easy manipulation right after the time your sell order matched. VNDIRECT hopes this service would satisfy your quick capital needs for placing order, transferring money, or any other purposes without having to go directly to the counter.

The Service is provided on each matching order value. Maximum Advance Money Amount is estimated on each matching order value after deducting brokerage. Execution time is about 1 or 2 minutes before the money presents on your account.

Order cancel/edit online

Along with our online trading service, VnDirect now provides you more with order cancel and adjustment with simple manipulation.

The Cancel/adjustment can be operated when you order is in the status of unmatched, partial matched. Matched one can’t be canceled or edited

Money Transfer Online

VNDIRECT Online provided customer more with our money transfer service from customer’s account to a registered bank account with high security. Money transfer service online can save your time, be convenient, and simple.

For more details, please find the file attached.

Thank you for using VnDirect Online Service during the time. Any feedback could be sent to support@vndirect.com.vn. We are really looking forward to your respond.

Best regards,

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