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Vietnam Daily Market Recap Mar 22, 2023 – LPB

Daily Market Recap 22/03/2023    62


Market commentary: VN-INDEX slightly increased as investors were cautious

The VN-INDEX closed higher at 1,040.5pts, increased by 8.1pts on the rise of the Banking and Real estate sector. The index cautiously opened as investors awaited the Fed’s rate decision tonight in Vietnam time. The bullish Banking large cap of VCB, VPB, and BID led the rally. Besides, VHM gained notably as one of the top-bought stocks by foreign investors and cemented the upward momentum of the index. The VN-INDEX increased further in the late afternoon session thanks to the jump of large-cap stocks, then peaked at the intraday high of 1,042.8pts. Among the top rises, VCB (+2.9%), VHM (+5.0%), VPB (+3.2%), BID (+1.7%), and SAB (+0.8%) contributed the most in driving the index to the green hue. On the other hand, HPG (-0.7%), MWG (-1.4%), GAS (-0.3%), TCB (-0.6%), and BCM (-0.6%) were today’s top laggards, preventing further growth. At the end of the session, the VN-INDEX moved up by 0.8% to 1,040.5pts, and the HNX-INDEX also closed 0.4% higher at 203.1pts.

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