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Vietnam Daily Market Recap Mar 09, 2023 – T&G sector & MBB

Daily Market Recap 09/03/2023    42


Market commentary: The uptrend lingered, VN-Index edged up owing to strong buying demand emerged in late trading

The upward momentum remained, VN-Index edged up 6.7pts to 1,055.9pts for the third consecutive day thanks to late support from several market pillars. Following the positive sentiment in the previous sessions, the VN-Index recorded an immediate 6.0pts gap up right after the opening bell with green hue dominating the market. However, the momentum soon decelerated, thus, the green hue then remained but the index moved within a narrow range for the whole morning session. In the afternoon, the hesitation lingered for a while after strong buying cash flow emerged, pulling the index up sharply toward the end of the session. Financial sector provided the most for the index’s rally including VCB (+0.9%), STB (+4.5%), TCB (+1.8%), ACB (+1.4%) and VIB (+2.4%). Besides, Aviation large caps, VJC (+3.6%), HVN (+6.8%), AST (+5.4%) also recorded positive performance, reacting to the re-opening of China for tourism. On the other hand, BID (-0.7%), VRE (-0.9%), BCM (-0.6%), VCF (-4.0%) and HDB (-0.5%) were the top laggards, preventing further gain. Notably, VN-Index total liquidity improved significantly in today’s session, reaching VND10,728bn after several days to record lower-than-VND10,000bn. At the end of the session, the VN-Index increased 0.7% to 1,055.9pts and the HNX-Index also edged up 0.2% to 209.0pts.

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