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Vietnam Daily Market Recap Feb 15 – PTB & ACV

Daily Market Recap 15/02/2022    72


Market Commentary: The VN-INDEX was lifted by Blue-chip stocks, finishing the day up 1.4% at 1,492.8pts

The market rebounded significantly after a sharp sell-off in ATC session yesterday, thanks to the support of many large-cap stocks. With geopolitical tensions in Ukraine easing due to Russia’s intention to withdraw troops, the market sentiment was more steady in contrast to the panic that characterized yesterday’s ATC session. The Banking sector, which had been the focus of heavy selling yesterday afternoon, has rebounded, assisting the INDEX in approaching the resistance region in Technical Moving Average 20 (1,480.0pts). After oscillating around the 1,475.0pts level, large-cap stocks with high consensus enabled the market to recover rapidly to exceed this tension zone as well as the MA20 resistance just before the closing of the morning session. During the afternoon session, investor confidence was improved, and the VN30 group continued to play a dominant role. The VN-INDEX has definitively exceeded the critical resistance level MA20. Afterward, the market surged to intraday high of 1,495.6pts, despite having 20% less liquidity than the previous day, before entering the ATC session. In today’s session, the main pillars demonstrated their ability to drive the market as the six Blue-chip stocks, including MSN (+5.9%), VHM (+2.4%), VIC (+2.3%), BID (+3.2%), VCB (+1.2%), and VPB (+2.7%), contributed total 10.5pts to the market. Stocks that fell, on the other hand, did not have a significant influence; the two stocks that had the greatest decline were PGV (-4.0%) and PLX (-2.0%). At the end of the session, the VN-INDEX increased 1.4% to 1,592.8pts, and the HNX-INDEX surged 0.7% to 423.8pts.

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