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DTRADE Derivative

DTRADE Derivatives is a trading service package specifically designed for the group of Clients who are experienced stock traders and high-frequency traders.


– The set of commands to support automatic transactions includes auto-stop-loss and take-profit helps clients to design an environment to automatically protect risks in the context of large price fluctuations in the market, and prevent uncontrolled losses.
– Margin rates are specifically designed to suit high trading needs during the day and to keep the status at the end of the day.
– Fee policy which is based on steps from 1,000 ++ VND / contract is applied depending on the number of contracts for large clients.


DTRADE Derivative provides services and utilities attached to the type of trading assets of the Client, the client is supported:
(1) Practice securities trading skills on VNDIRECT’s automatic transaction management platform – PROTRADE Trial
(2) Basic knowledge about derivatives, refer HERE
(3) Take professional trading skills training courses with Master Traders. Join HERE
(4) Online price derivatives trading. JOIN HERE
(5) My Account platform:
• Online trading platform and Personal account management:
• Management of trading accounts at VNDIRECT My VND Account. Access to iVND
• Management of relationship and interaction with VNDIRECT – DLINK.
• Transaction portal of types of financial transactions assets – DGATE.


TopUp Derivative – Advisory service which arranges capital from a third source outside of VNDIRECT helps clients increase purchasing power, support margin capital with the lowest rate in the market for the status of transactions during the day
• Small investment capital – Only from 1.7% of the futures contract value of VN30 index
• Interest rate: 0.0493% / day
• The fee is only from VND 1,000 / contract
• Unlimited profitability
• Support levels and terms are varied and depending on needs


• For clients who do not have an account at VNDIRECT, please open an account here
• Please leave your information in the form below, VNDIRECT Consultants will contact you for support Protection Status