VNDIRECT, as one of the most reputable securities companies in Vietnam, now offers bond services to governmental and private institutional investors, financial institutions and investment funds. We strive to create safe and efficient investment channels through bond products in order to improve investors’ return


      Underwrite new issuance of government bonds, government-guaranteed bonds and municipal bonds
      Participate in the primary market to attend government bond and note auctions on behalf of investors
      Participate in the money market through bond transactions with investors, striving for investors’ satisfaction

      Bond Products

      Government bonds and notes issued by Vietnam State Treasury;

      Bonds issued by Vietnam Development Bank or Vietnam Bank for Social Policies and guaranteed payment by the Government;
      Municipal bonds issued by People’s Committee of Hanoi or People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City;

      Bonds issued by financial and non-financial institutions;

      Bonds issued by Vietnamese organizations;
      Certificates of deposit issued by credit and non-credit institution.

      Please contact Bond Business Department of VNDIRECT for professional advice:

      Tel: 84-873000688 (21064)

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